Do you have antique paperweights you want to sell? We may buy one paperweight or a whole collection.

Paperweights have been around since the early 1800’s. There are many gorgeous designs ranging from latticinio, to millefiori, faceted, overlay and garland.

Paperweights were produced in many countries, but French designs were the most widely varied and finely executed.

[threecol_two]Paperweights were viewed as luxury items back in the day. Letter writing was a popular activity at the time, and paperweights became a fashionable and economical way to decorate a home while keeping papers organized in drafty rooms.

Throughout the 19th century, most paperweights were appreciated for their decorative aspects, and some of the most technically advanced weights were seen as collectible art.

Some of the more popular paperweight makers were Baccarat, Perthshire, Tiffany, Lenox, Pairpoint, New England Glass, Paul Stankard, Lundberg, Alloway, Correia, Orient and Flume, and Whitefriars.

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