Have you inherited collectible costume Jewelry?  You’re in luck.

In todays world of Antiques and Collectibles, what’s hot and what’s not changes very quickly. It was not all that long ago that nobody really cared much about grandmas old costume jewelry . With all the interest in everything retro from furniture to fashion , costume jewelry has quite a following . Many people have been passed down moms or grandmas jewelry box or ” boxes”.  Remember they are from the generation of the greatest gathers . If this is the case for you , we are buyers of Antique costume jewelry . We can also assist when it comes to identification, value and time period . We are a buyer for items like Brooches , Bracelets , Necklaces , Rings , Hat pins , Stick pins , Lapel pins , Cuff links , Watches , Class Rings , Etc… There are many forms shapes and materials . Costume Jewelry can be made of Plastic, Bakelite, Sterling Silver, Rhinestones, Etc…  Also exotic materials such as  Bone, Turquoise, Jade, stone, wood, Seashell, and so on . You can contact us anytime regarding you vintage costume jewelry and we will do our best to try and help you . We make house calls and provide advice by phone, email or text.

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