I am interested in buying real photo postcards. I would like to share bit of history regarding this subject.

A Brief History of Photo Postcards

In 1903, Kodak introduced the no. 3A folding pocket camera, it was designed for postcard size film. This allowed the public to take a photograph and have it printed on postcard paper. In 1907 Kodak started a service to produce real photo postcards from any picture taken . Also in 1907 federal law permitted information to be written on the back, while prior to that only the address was allowed. This started a gigantic interest in capturing the history of America via the photograph. Photographs were taken by amateurs and professionals alike.

Photo postcard subject matter can be wide ranging and interesting. It is not uncommon to find photo postcards that have subject matter that fit into the following categories:

  • Street scenes
  • Cowboys
  • Indians
  • logging
  • military
  • sporting
  • outdoor scenes
  • hunting
  • fishing
  • famous people and places

Photo postcards capture a moment in time and can transport you back there for a glimpse into the past.

Hidden Value in Photo Postcards for the Seller

It is quite common for postcards to end up in the trash or to be hauled to the dump because people do not realize they have value. In modern times it seems that the paper photograph is going extinct, which I believe makes the old ones even more important to the future. Collectors also refer to them by the abbreviation R.P.P.C.

If you have postcards like this, I am an active buyer and would look forward to speaking with you.

Oregon Antique Buyer is interested in this these early 1900's photo postcards